Curriculum Units

Our Curriculum exceeds all state and national standards.

Little Scientists® Curriculum Units utilize innovative Hands-on, Minds-on, Inquiry & Practice-Based science experiments that are proven to increase students’ understanding of scientific concepts.

Sample Curriculum Units
To see the alignment of the Little Scientists® Units with the NGSS please click here for the pdf

Little Scientists® can customize science curriculum to meet your school’s needs, contact us  for more information. If Hands-On science is a core component of your Science Curriculum, then view all units.
Curriculum Program Highlights:
  • Curriculum units are packaged in sturdy stackable plastic totes.
  • Each curriculum unit consists of 4 related science topics. There are 14-20 hands-on, minds-on inquiry and practice-based investigations in each unit.
  • The materials are all “bagged and tagged” together and labeled with the alpha numeric label that corresponds with the Teacher Manual.
  • Teacher Manuals are user-friendly, scripted, readily identifying step-by-step which bag of materials should be used. The manuals include background information, scripted lesson plans, written and inquiry-based task assessments, and literacy resources.
  • Each lesson includes a Home-School Connection Booklet summarizing the lesson and providing extension activities & experiments.
  • Science Notebooks are included so that the teachers can easily track student progress for each lesson conducted.
Little Scientists® Curriculum Units

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