NGSS Curriculum Matrix® 

Curriculum units designed to exceed all 3 Dimensions in the Next Generation Science Standards. Click on a unit to view product details.
Science and Engineering PracticesDisciplinary Core IdeasKindergartenFirst GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth GradeFifth Grade
Asking questions & defining problemsPhysical ScienceWhat is a Force?What is Light?What are Materials?What are Properties of Magnets?What is Energy?What are Chemicals?
Developing & using modelsWhat is Sound?What is Engineering?Force & MotionLight & SoundWhat is Gravity?
Planning & carrying out investigationsLife ScienceWhat is an Ecosystem?What are Plants?Life Cycle of PlantsWhat is Heredity?What are the Structures of Organisms?What is Energy Flow in an Ecosystem?
Analyzing & interpreting dataWhat are Life Cycles?What is Diversity?What is Evolution?What are Senses?
Using mathematics & computational thinkingEarth & Space ScienceWhat is Weather?What is Our Sun?What are Landforms?What is Climate?What are the Landforms on Earth?Why do we have Changing Seasons?
Constructing explanations & designing solutionsWhat is the Solar System?What is Water?How does Weather Affect Earth?Weather & Climate
Engaging in argument from evidenceEngineering, Technology & Application of ScienceCan we Build it?How Can We Protect Earth’s Resources?
Obtaining, evaluating, & communicating information