Pre-K - 8th Grade Curriculum Matrix

Scientific SkillsStrandsPre-KindergartenKindergartenFirst GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth GradeFifth GradeSixth GradeSeventh GradeEighth Grade
The Nature of SciencePhysical ScienceWhat is a Magnet? MagnetsGravityPressureProperties of Magnets What Is Alternative Energy?Energy Of MotionElectricity & Magnetism
Will it Bounce?  Transportation Simple MachinesComplex Machines What Are Complex Machines?Building Bridges
Can We Build It?Flight
Force & MotionMotion & Forces
How Do Colors Mix?Color  Mixtures Science of Polymers  Mixtures & Solutions
  Molecular MatterStates of MatterChemistry Separating & PurifyingWhat Are Chemicals? Chemistry
Will it Float?Floating & Sinking WaterBouyancy     
What is a Bubble?Light & MirrorsWhat is Light? CrystalsOptic & MirrorsLight   
  What is Sound?   Sound   
Life ScienceWhy Do Leaves Fall?FallPlantsLife Cycle of PlantsPlants & AnimalsWhat Are Plant Adaptations?How Are Organisms Classified?What Is Photosynthesis?  
What is an Animal?Winter(E)Animals  Animal Adaptations   
 What Is Evolution?  
What Makes Me Healthy?The Five SensesHealthNutrition What is Healthy?SensesCells & MicroorganismsHuman Biology SystemsHuman Reproduction
Human Body
  Life Cycles  HeredityDNA, Cells, & HeredityCells & OrgansHeredity & Genetics
 Coastal Community PondsSeashoreEcoysystems  Ecology & Energy Flow 
Earth ScienceWhy is it Cold Outside?(L)What is Weather? Weather Water Cycle Weather & ClimateHow Does Water Affect Landforms? 
    Conservation  Why is Water Essential?  
Fossils & Dinosaurs
Why Do Flowers Grow?(L)Earth Sand or SoilRocks & Volcanoes   What Are Landforms On Earth?Our Earth In The Solar System
  Our Sun   Stars & Constellations  What Is Astronomy?
 Spring(L)Solar SystemSeasons What Defines Our Solar System?Changing Seasons  What Makes The Changing Seasons?